A flexible dynamic analysis tool for ocean industries

What is ProteusDS?

Over the past decade ProteusDS has rapidly developed into a full featured dynamic analysis software capable of simulating vessels, structures, lines, and technologies in harsh marine environments. It is modern, customizable, validated, and the heart of DSA’s business. Its growth has been driven by application to tough ocean engineering problems.

ProteusDS is used by ocean engineers and ocean industry professionals to test virtual prototypes of systems that are exposed to extreme wind, current and waves. Whether driven by certification or the desire to create elegant solutions, assessing system dynamics is all about reducing risk.

ProteusDS is used by companies all over the world in a wide range of ocean industries such as:

  • Aquaculture & fisheries
    Net cage analysis, moorings
  • Defence
    Launch and recovery, towed arrays, submarines
  • Marine renewable energy
    Wave and tidal energy, floating wind
  • Naval architecture
    Seakeeping, towing, maneuvering
  • Ocean Technology
    Buoys, moorings, oceanography, towed bodies, ROVs, AUVs
  • Offshore & Subsea
    Moorings, pipelines, risers, floating structures, installation analysis

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  • Features
    • Finite Element - cubic finite-element line and net models
    • Mechanisms - constrain body motions with hinges and joints
    • Waves - regular, irregular and custom wave spectra
    • Current - time and spatially varying current including turbulence
    • Wind - explore wind loading
    • Hydrodynamics - flexible hydrodynamic modeling
    • Control - PID and custom control systems
    • Seabed - seabed interaction and bathymetry
    • Contact - contact and impact between bodies
    • Customize - application Programmer Interface
  • Workflow & Tools

    A powerful graphical user-interface makes simulation setup fast and painless. Context sensitive documentation is built right in, so users can verify model configuration as they go.

    3D visualization allows flexible viewing options during pre and post-processing. Videos can be exported for project and promotional presentations.

    An ever growing set of extensive tutorials and an in-depth manual guide new users and refresh experienced users in core aspects of the software.

    DSA and user generated libraries enable rapid development of new concepts. Parts libraries feature line types such as chain, fibre rope, and wire rope and items such as shackles, swivels, and buoys.

    DSA has developed easy-to-use tools for hydrodynamic data import from BEM software such as ShipMo3D, WAMIT, and NEMOH that enable simulation of wave radiation, diffraction and drift in ProteusDS..

    Automated reporting saves countless hours and provides immediate insights into simulation results. Tabular simulation summaries are easy to read and provide an auditable trail of simulation parameters.

    The Application Programmer Interface (API) provides users with incredible power to interact with simulations or connect with Matlab Simulink models.

  • Typical Applications


    • Spread mooring systems
    • Jetty mooring systems
    • Single Point Moorings
    • Oceanographic mooring systems
    • Aquaculture moorings
    • Floating wind turbine moorings

    Installation Analysis

    • Pipelay analysis
    • Anchor and mooring deployment
    • Riser installation
    • Cable lay dynamics
    • Offshore lift dynamics

    Buoy Systems

    • Wave buoys
    • SPAR buoys
    • Metocean buoys

    Towed Systems

    • Towed bodies
    • Towed vehicles

    Renewable Energy

    • Wave power systems
    • Power cable take-off
    • Floating wind turbines
      • Tidal energy converters
      • In-stream tidal power devices


    • Aquaculture & marine security nets
    • Decommissioning and heavy lift
    • Floatover and mating
    • Risers
    • Launch and recovery
    • Tug winches
    • Constant tension controls
    • ROV and ROV controllers / tethers
    • AUVs
    • Subsea vehicle thrusters
    • Flexibles / SLHR
  • Courses, Support, & Consulting

    At DSA we work closely with our clients to create customized experiences and tools to enable working efficiency.

    If you want to maximize your ProteusDS investment, there’s no better way than giving you or your people the skills to use ProteusDS to its fullest extent. That’s why we offer a range of training options, from small in-person classes, to virtual training, self-led tutorials, and private work-shops..

  • Validation

    To ensure the accuracy of the results produced with ProteusDS, DSA continually validates and verifies the software output using an extensive series of tests. To demonstrate these efforts the document has been created that describes key validation efforts undertaken and the quality standards used in the development of ProteusDS. Secondly, the overall software quality assurance process DSA uses while developing ProteusDS is outlined.

    This document provides references to key publications which describe in detail validation efforts (benchmarking studies, tank test comparisons, comparison with real-world data, etc.). A listing of DSA’s internal software checking tests is also provided. These tests must pass for DSA to release a new version of the software. Software validation and verification is on ongoing process that is a top priority for DSA.


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