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To receive a fully functional 30-day demo of the ProteusDS dynamic analysis software please complete the procedure below. Demo software may only be used for evaluation purposes.

Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd. (DSA) requires that a valid, DSA-issued license file be present on each computer that runs ProteusDS. The generation of a license file requires a two-stage authentication consisting of a user downloading and running the License Request Utility on the computer that is to run ProteusDS, sending the resulting license request file to DSA, and DSA replying with a valid license key.

Step 1 – Download utility on computer that ProteusDS will be installed on
Download DSA License Request Utility (zip file)

Step 2 – Run utility on computer that ProteusDS will be installed on
Unzip ‘DSA Software Request’ folder to a convenient location. Open the folder and run the extracted executable or batch file. If successful a file called COMPUTER_NAME.dsa_license_request will have been created in the directory.

Step 3 – Email *.dsa_license_request file to DSA
ATTACH the *.dsa_license_request file to this form.

Step 4 – Submit user information
To allow us to approve your demo request, please fill out the form below and tell us how you would intend to use ProteusDS in your organization.

First Name:
Last Name:
Work Email:
Work Phone:
This evaluation is for:
ATTACH the license request file
What is prompting you to look at dynamic analysis software? If it is a current project, what is the project and its current timeline?:

Step 5 – Download and install software
Within 1-2 business days, you will receive an email with a user name and password to download the software. Follow the instructions to download the software: ProteusDS Demo Download

Step 6 – Activate license
DSA will send you a *.pds_license file. The license file may only be used on the computer that the license request utility was run on. After downloading and installing the ProteusDS software, open the ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox. Once the toolbox is open locate Help in the top menu bar then Manage License. Next, a secondary window will open, locate the license file DSA has sent you then click install.

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