Seven Women That Changed the World

National Engineering Month is a time to celebrate engineering excellence in Canada. It is an opportunity to showcase how diverse the field of engineering is. And the possibilities are endless. From the lab to the field, from the marine environment to the built environment, from nanotechnology to aerospace, engineers are
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Cheerio! Meet DSA in London for Oceanology 2018

We are packing our bags and heading to jolly old England for Oceanology International (Oi 2018) – a premier event for ocean technology and marine science. Oi 2018 provides us with an opportunity to connect with thousands of maritime professionals with diverse backgrounds from many countries. We have found attendees
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Is your WEC hydrodynamics software up to the task?

DSA Continues to Support IEA-OES Task 10 Wave Energy Converter Modelling Verification and Validation. Calculating the effects of wind, waves, and currents on devices in the ocean is complex. We know the value of numerical modelling that reduces risks in physical prototyping. How do you know your software’s calculations are

ProteusDS v2.43 is now available

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! ProteusDS v2.43 is now available for download. The software is ready to go, and login credentials for active subscribers will allow you to access ProteusDS v2.43 from our website.     In case you’re wondering what’s new, we’ve highlighted some of the

Emerald Isle Bound for EWTEC 2017

We are packing our bags and heading to Cork, Ireland for the 12th Annual European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference (EWTEC). EWTEC brings together leaders in research and development in ocean renewable energy. DSA is privileged to be counted among the attendees. Our team has put together our top reasons

Ryan Nicoll Receives International Award For Moorings Work

Ryan Nicoll, Director of Engineering and co-founder of DSA, has received the 1906 Award from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for his tireless contributions towards the development of mooring standards for marine renewable energy applications.   The IEC 1906 award was created in 2004 to commemorate the IEC’s year of
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Top Reasons To Invest In ProteusDS Training

We work in technology-rich workplaces, where we need to keep skills current to ensure that the companies we work for stay competitive. Professional development has many benefits, and DSA wants to help you and your business to continue running effectively and efficiently.   Whether you are a new ProteusDS user
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ProteusDS v2.36 is now available

DSA is very pleased to announce the release of ProteusDS v2.36. The software is ready to go and active subscribers can use their login credentials to download the latest version from our website. We’ve highlighted some of the key new features below. Support for visualization-only models A good computational model

DSA Announces Reseller Agreement with OceanPixel

                                                           OCEAN ENGINEERING COMPANY DSA ANNOUNCES REPRESENTATION FOR SOUTHEAST ASIA Halifax, Nova Scotia – Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd. (DSA) maker of ProteusDS
Image of four DeepWater Buoyancy subsurface single leg mooring with buoys as shown in ProteusDS

Don’t let the ocean knock you down.

Subsurface mooring deployment, recovery, and performance in current and waves For many years moorings have been designed using basic mass-drag-buoyancy calculations, spreadsheets, rules-of-thumb, black magic scripts, and a dose of ‘salty-sea-dog’ experience. With these methods, we can frequently estimate a line size to use or an approximate anchor weight. But

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